Edward J. Staley: Disputing two points in Modesto police chief story

January 27, 2014 

Disputing two points in police chief story

I admit I would like to be more like new police Chief Galen Carroll as described by Modesto Bee reporter Kevin Valine in his article (“Chief of change,” Page A1) in Saturday’s Bee. Carroll seems to be a boss to be admired and copied in his position. However, there were two points I am at odds with.

First, the latest trend of blaming Mayor Garrad Marsh’s failed Measure X for money woes should stop. We’ve all had to listen to California bureaucrats moan about Proposition 13 for 35 years about money problems. You and I voted that way. Get over it. Second, and maybe I should blame The Bee for this doublespeak, but how do we save a half-million dollars by “looking at eliminating 10 of the 14 vacant officer positions within the police department,” in the words of City Manager Greg Nyhoff?

I wish I could have eliminated people that were not there and saved money in my business.



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