Sue Houser: Expects more from the president

January 25, 2014 

Each day I read The Modesto Bee and listen to the news I am more dismayed! The 30-plus years that I taught young children, we pledged to the flag, sang “America the Beautiful” and even “The Star Spangled Banner.” I would say we are not a perfect nation, but the USA is the best in the world.

Now, I am not so sure. We have to be politically correct and even accept what was at one time morally wrong. Even our president shares about his marijuana use as a kid and states it is not more harmful than alcohol. Has the general consumption of either substance enhanced the lives of our population?

I am thankful that when I attended and graduated from Fresno State College in the ’60s, marijuana was not an issue and alcohol was the problem. Not mine, as I cared too much to put a harmful substance in my body and did not want to break any laws.

I know we still have students who honor their bodies and the laws. We volunteered and learned to be responsible leaders at school and for the future. I respect the office of the president of the United States of America, but I often wonder about our current president. He should be setting the standard much higher.



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