Hiram Holmes: View of Iran is all wrong

January 24, 2014 

In your Our View “Give accord with Tehran a chance” (Jan. 20), you implied that Iran is misunderstood by the great unwashed masses (of which I am one ) and if we would give them a fair chance they would prove just how nice and lovable they are and we would welcome them with open arms.

I, for one, do not remember giving you the right to speak or vote for me, nor will I allow you to sell me or my country down the river to servitude to a country that is 2,000 years behind the times.

A question, if I may? Say you have a house with a big porch front and back and you discovered both had a nest of rattlesnakes under them. Would you:

1) Leave them alone.

2) Invite them in.

3) Ask Europe what you should do.

4) Wring your hands and say poor me.

5) Do the right thing and not cave in to pressure.



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