Eeyore and Rabbit visit injured 2nd-grader

etracy@modbee.comJanuary 24, 2014 

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“Winnie the Pooh” actors Rabbit (Nathan Chase) and Eeyore (Cameron Jackson), make a house call Friday with CSU police officer Cheri Silveira, to visit pals Phillip, in cast, and Zander.


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Riding in the back of a patrol car, Winnie the Pooh’s buddies Eeyore and Rabbit elicited giggles, stares and pointed fingers from curious onlookers Thursday.

The pair were not on their way to jail but headed to visit two Modesto boys who had an unfortunate mishap the day before.

Second-graders Phillip and Zander had gone to see the characters Wednesday in a California State University, Stanislaus, Theater Department production of “Winnie the Pooh.”

While waiting anxiously outside, the boys passed time by jumping off the steps of the amphitheater. On Zander’s last jump he landed on Phillip’s leg, fracturing it.

University Police Officer Cheri Silveira was the first on scene. Phillip was taken to a hospital and Zander stayed outside crying while his other classmates went to watch the show.

When Silveira asked him why he was crying, he said, “I can’t go see ‘Winnie the Pooh.’ 

Silveira, who has three boys of her own including one Zander and Phillip’s age, said she knows they can be rambunctious and make poor decisions at times but felt they both needed a second chance.

Two of the theater-majors students – Cameron Jackson, who plays Eeyore, and Nathan Chase, who plays Rabbit – also work at the university’s police department.

Silveira asked if they could borrow the costumes to make a visit to the kids in Modesto and drop off tickets to them. They also stopped by the Disney store at the mall and picked up a Pooh Bear for each boy.

“We were in the back of the squad car so we got some really funny looks on the way over,” Jackson said.

It was definitely a sight to see and a real thrill for Phillip and Zander, who had no idea they were coming.

“It went from shock and horror to extreme excitement,” Jackson said. “Here we are full-grown adults in costume and makeup with a police officer.”

Silveira said Zander was running around in circles because he was so happy.

Phillip was laid up with a cast, but Jackson and Chase signed it for him as Eeyore and Rabbit.

There are four more showings of “Winnie the Pooh” today at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets are $5 for general admission and $3 for students, staff, seniors and children under age 13.

Phillip must learn to use a walker before returning to school so he likely won’t get to use his show tickets, but the visit from Jackson, Chase and Silveira is a special memory.

“I thought it was awesome,” Phillip’s mother Sarieng Rosales said. “Nothing like that ever happens.”

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