Vickie Higginbotham: Modesto region can capitalize on ag

January 23, 2014 

We have established businesses that produce the bounty of our community. Couldn’t we bring them together downtown and make them more accessible for visitors and residents? We could celebrate our olive oil, dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, jams and honey in a convenient and tempting venue. Other communities have capitalized on local products, making their downtowns popular destinations. St. Helena and Sonoma come to mind.

Let’s focus on our uniqueness to revitalize our commerce.

We have many business parks that have large vacant buildings. Let’s utilize those before building more. Would Carmel pull out their Monterey cypress to make way for a business park? Let’s be more inviting, focusing on the renewed interest in locally grown food. Let’s be more delicious. Let’s be the hub for good food in the Valley.

The voracious appetite for our prime farmland in exchange for generic shopping centers will rob us of our identity and heritage. Preserve Wood Colony. Celebrate it, not devour it.



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