Ken Westervelt: We must all conserve water

January 21, 2014 

In a recent Bee headline, the governor said we should all try to use 20 percent less water. Based on the snowpack and the levels of Don Pedro and San Luis reservoirs, he should have said we must conserve at least 20 percent or more to avoid a drought like we had when he was last governor.

Some suggestions to save water:

1. Save the cold water from your hot-water faucet and use it in your garden or to flush a toilet.

2. Run only a full dishwasher and maximum-load clothes washer.

3.Use faucet flow restrictors and put a clean plastic water-filled half-gallon milk jug in your toilet tank.

4. Water lawns no more than once a week.

Just as we must all conserve our precious water, I hope that new Stanislaus County Water Resource Manager Walter Ward will determine that our existing groundwater supply cannot possibly support all the new wells for the millions of new almond trees being put in by the big corporations east of Oakdale. They, too, must be restricted in water use.



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