Randy Carter: Lincoln knew importance of God

January 21, 2014 

Regarding “Be careful what you put in print” (Letters, Jan. 17): The writer indicated that fact-checking is needed before hitting the computer keys or looking at the origins of the Bible before setting ideas. The letter the writer was responding to described President Barack Obama’s disdain for any public acknowledgment of God in his reading of the Gettysburg Address, omitting the words “under God.” The writer states, “the filmmaker gave the president a copy of Lincoln’s original text, which made no reference to ‘God.’ 

Yes, Lincoln added the word “God”; he knew God and he knew we needed to be one nation under God. The writer goes on to say the Bible is a wonderful book of peace and comfort to many, but it is not a science text. He said science tells us that gays are born gay. Yes we live in a falling world. Our forefathers knew without one nation under God, the world would fall. We need God more than ever!



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