David J. Silva: Women don’t belong in combat

January 21, 2014 

I recently read that there have been more than 25,000 accusations of sexual assault by women in the military. This will only get worse if women are allowed to serve in combat. Some people feel that women are as effective as men in combat situations. From what I have heard from interviews of men in the military, most do not want women serving in their combat units.

Combat is dangerous. If a soldier is wounded he wants to know that his comrades can drag or carry him to safety. Most women cannot do this effectively and this makes the situation more dangerous for everyone. There is really no reason for women to serve in combat. If women feel that they must be allowed to fight, then why not have all-female units? This will solve a lot of the problems, including sexual assaults. I have a feeling that if you allow the men and women in uniform to vote on it, the majority will vote against it. It’s easy to dream up such boondoggles when sitting behind a desk.


Los Banos

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