G.A. Wakefield: I don’t use Geritol

January 17, 2014 

I was born here 65 years ago and lived here full time until a year ago, so I know the ins and outs of Modesto. George Lucas does not even want to be here and Jeremy Renner and Timothy Olyphant either. Also the abundance of nuts and cheese in your area is not on my A list (“Modesto joins biggies on new list,” Our View, Jan. 11) and I don’t use Geritol or Depends! The traffic is atrocious, air quality ditto, triple-digit summers and I must add how safe my wife feels with all the gangbangers and other low-lifes running around, which I know for a fact is getting worse, and I am not going to tell you my experiences at your local hospitals.

So you say if you don’t like it here, move! I did. Brookings, Ore., is the name and retirement happiness is the game, and oh, by the way, in Brookings I don’t have to lock up my home like some fortress when I go to the store. Funny how many people up there are from the valley. They must not have read your article, or maybe they run back periodically to get their Geritol or Depends. There was a time when Modesto was a great place to grow up, like maybe 1955 or the 1960s.


Brookings, Ore.

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