Arnold Webb: Beware of Christian doublespeak

January 15, 2014 

Regarding “Love gays; condemn their lifestyle” (Letters, Jan. 10): A superlative example of Christian doublespeak is their repeated claim “to hate the sin but love the sinner,” patent nonsense used to sanitize prejudice and intolerance, seeming to justify people of so-called religious principles in spewing hate and inhumanity under the guise of love and forbearance. How do you value people when you devalue their essential lives and characters? How do you abstract the deed from the doer? Only by a linguistic flip, hypocrisy in a turn of phrase, more religious sophistry, so common in history, alleging goodness in a vile cause.

A crock, regardless of its scriptural basis – and this particular idea has no direct biblical statement – is a crock, especially when it denigrates and demeans others on the grounds of an ignorant, irrational faith. To these sanctimonious vilifiers and perennial busybodies, a reply in their own questionable coin: “Let he who is without sin among you, cast the first stone.” Perhaps a little humility to mitigate their overweening self-righteousness, their bilious bigotry, might be in order.



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