Alfa Broderick: Why not use the empty lots in Modesto first?

January 11, 2014 

I got back my confidence in people’s common sense when I read in today’s paper about all the opposition to the idea of developing Wood Colony’s prime farmland at the Modesto City Council meeting on Jan. 7.

It’s so hard for me to understand the urge of some to pave and build over the best soil around. Not only would we lose superb land, but inviting more people to come and settle in this area is a terrible idea. If we keep on doing this we will end up having to bring in more produce from other places, even foreign countries. It sounds absurd! Another aspect to take into consideration is that with more people coming, more crime and other problems would be inevitable.

There are so many commercial buildings and empty lots all over Modesto. Why not fill those first?

What’s wrong with trying to keep our valley cities nice and clean for as long as we can? We certainly don’t need to destroy our beautiful, fertile land just to make investors richer.



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