Suzanne Houlden: Doesn’t believe Bublak charges

January 11, 2014 

I was distraught to read of the accusations against Turlock City Councilwoman Amy Bublak (“Leaders take fire over calls; document claims pair broke election laws,” Jan. 8, Page A1), which claim she was behind illegal robo-calls in 2008 elections. I have met and spoken with Bublak on several occasions and she strikes me as a highly ethical, very principled citizen and councilwoman. The Amy Bublak I know is incapable of the sort of antics described in the front-page article.

I was also disturbed by the tone of the article. The sentence structure made it appear as though Bublak has already been found guilty. I believe that once investigations and proceedings are completed, we will find this has been an unfair smear campaign against Bublak.

It is unfortunate that other City Council members would choose to spend their time making accusations, especially over an election that took place more than five years ago. How does this help Turlock? What does Mary Jackson stand to gain from this?



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