Dave Huckaby: Business parks? Heard that before

January 9, 2014 

Business parks? Heard that before

I read with interest the two articles printed Jan. 4, regarding the city of Modesto’s proposal to include Wood Colony in its general plan update , led by Mayor Marsh, to acquire the Wood Colony land for future industrial use. One article pointed out that the city claims there isn’t enough “shovel ready” land within the city for a business-industrial parks.

As a lifelong resident of this fair city, I think if The Modesto Bee researched the business-industrial park issue it would find that it has been discussed in one form or another over the past several decades. Modesto is so far behind other communities, in that there’s a lot of talk and very little action. Mayor Marsh should rethink his direction and leave Wood Colony and similar areas alone.

There are enough issues in the city’s own sphere that need attention. What happened to making downtown a vibrant place for the community? And did I miss something this past holiday season? It was interesting how dull downtown Modesto looked without any holiday lighting.



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