Richard McIntosh: Biggest story? President lied to us

January 2, 2014 

Biggest story? President lied to us

I just saw on CNN or one of the other networks that the biggest headlines for the past year concerned the government shutdown and Obamacare. What a bunch of malarkey!

Government shutdown? How many and whom did that affect? Ninety-five percent of the population didn’t know about it except from the news media. The other 5 percent were mainly government workers who might not have worked for 16 days, but most got paid for it anyway.

Forget Obamacare.

Biggest story of the year is that the president of the U.S. lied to us all. “Like your doctor, like your plan, want to save $2,500 per year?” then you want affordable health care. The president lied about Benghazi; he lied or was ignorant about the IRS hitting on conservative groups. The president lied or was ignorant about National Security Agency surveillance. Why? To help get him re-elected. No. 1 news item for 2013? Our president is a liar.



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