Doug Farrow: Insurance firms: Obama’s cash cows

January 2, 2014 

Insurance firms: Obama’s cash cows

Obama is assuring insurance companies that if people complain about higher premiums, deductibles and co-pays, he will resolve the issues with subsidies. In other words, he won’t let the insurance companies go broke or feel any pain. This will re-assure them they can nudge the figures up a bit.

Subsidies: what does that word mean to you? It means the more you and your friends and family earn, the fewer subsidies you will get. The less the lower-income people earn, the greater their subsidies will be – perhaps to the point of getting free health care.

You might have noticed that people are enrolling in Medicaid by the hundreds of thousands, and in Obamacare only by the thousands. Taxpayers will cough up the subsidies and the Medicaid costs. You pay your premiums and then you pay for “their” health care in your tax bills. This constitutes a huge redistribution of your money. So now, you are already one short step from enrolled in “single payer” health care. Be careful with the box you check on the ballot.



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