Marsha Borrelli-Silva: Bee shouldn't report until the trial

January 2, 2014 

Bee shouldn’t report until the trial

Regarding “Hate crime charged” (Dec. 29, Page B4): First of all, I thought people were innocent until proven guilty. I wonder why such a story was printed in the first place. It seems to me that The Bee should have waited for the facts to come out at the trial, then reported on it.

Our family was subject to a crime report years ago and opened up The Bee to see a photo in the “most wanted” section of one of our family members accused of a horrific crime. We were horrified and upset. Months later, it was proven that our family member was innocent of all charges.

I’m not saying these two are innocent; the trial will determine that. But I think that pitting blacks against whites in any situation only promotes more hatred, not less.

“Belief” that something was a hate crime does not make it a hate crime. But then since the article was written on belief and hearsay and not facts, I guess it depends on what sells papers. My heart goes out to all parties involved and the families of both sides.



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