Lester Bowman: Modesto train whistles keeping me up

January 1, 2014 

Thanks again, Modesto, for yet another sleepless night caused by allowing the Modesto & Empire Traction Co. trains to incessantly blow their whistles throughout the night.

Every night, starting at 11 p.m., here it comes – blaring, loud, constant, incessant warning whistles back and forth between Empire and Modesto.

For anyone who thinks it’s a romantic audio into distant memory, I recommend staying in the La Loma neighborhood one of these nights. These are not your whistles from the old days. These are high-powered, ear-splitting air horns that do harm to hearing.

The city of Modesto says it’s powerless to do anything because Beard Industrial District is outside its jurisdiction. If the city of Modesto makes one dime off M&ET and the customers it serves, then the city needs to address this issue. It is degrading our neighborhoods and contributing to the decline of the quality of life in Modesto. Follow the money, folks, and you’ll find the root of the problem and the reason it persists.



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