Joel Williamson: All sinners are in need of God’s grace

January 1, 2014 

Regarding “Posing a conundrum to God” (Letters, Dec. 29): Being a biblical Christian is no picnic. I feel assaulted on all sides a lot of the time, even from people within the church, most of whom I doubt ever have truly studied the Bible. Nonetheless, I believe.

On the subject of forgiveness, God knows your heart (Acts 1:24). That is how he judges. People who commit atrocities can say whatever they like, as a Christian I pray they have a sincere heart and that God will then forgive them. But in truth some are only buying “fire insurance.” You have to understand that the creator of the universe is smart enough to know who deserves to be in his heaven. Put your faith in God; he will not let you down.

As a Christian I believe we are all sinners and undeserving of God’s grace. Nonetheless, he offers it as a gift. Jesus stands at your door and knocks (Rev. 3:20).



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