More sunny weather ahead; rain possible next week

December 30, 2013 

The week ahead looks to be more of the same, with temperatures above normal and conditions sunny and dry. But forecasters hint of a chance of much-needed rain late next week.

According to the National Weather Service, daytime highs will reach only 58 on Monday, followed by highs in the mid 60s the remainder of the week. Lows will drop into the 30s, leading to morning frost on most days.

It’s too dry for the tule fog we often see this time of year, but forecasters are predicting a widespread haze the next couple of days. The night of New Year’s Eve is expected to be chilly, so if you’re out celebrating you might want to take a coat.

A few clouds are expected to move in on New Year’s Day, but any precipitation they bring likely will remain in the mountains and foothills, thanks to a strong upper ridge keeping it out of the valley.

That might change next week, forecasters say. “Later next week the models are hinting at a breakdown, or at least a weakening, of the persistent ridge,” the service says. “Needless to say, we`re hopeful of this development, but it is a ways out.”

.Synopsis...High pressure along the west coast will continue dry and warmconditions through the coming week with daytime highs expected toremain well above normal. A weak weather system passing over the ridge will bring some clouds mid-week and a little cooling but noprecipitation.

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