Anne Rudholm: What gun controversy?

December 28, 2013 

Gun controversy? What controversy? USA has the most gun deaths by suicide, by psychos and by accident. What is the controversy?

Liberals want to steal our guns! Give me a break. It is not the normal people we are worried about, but some gun controls would make a dent in the damage. It’s been proved in many gun-friendly countries like Australia and Switzerland.

Switzerland not only has some of the best guns, but they have awesome training and facilities for people to shoot. People can go shooting just about anytime they want! They have some darn cool contests, too. The whole country seems pretty crazy about guns, but they don’t arm psychos the way we do in America. Why not? Because they have rules and regulations. They also have some fun times with guns that I don’t see in America.

Most American gun owners would be happy with such rules. However, the gangbangers, psychos and people who sell guns for a living don’t want these rules. They are the ones ruining thousands of lives every year.



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