Elaine Spencer: We don’t need more empty stores in Modesto

December 22, 2013 

In response to the article “Seniors missing Save Mart” (Dec. 9, Page B1): What a contrast of two diverse groups, one (residents of Ralston Tower and surrounding areas) begging for a grocery store and the other opposing a new shopping center on Sylvan and Oakdale.

How ridiculous to construct another shopping center when, within walking distance of the neighborhood, there already is a well established shopping center with Save Mart doing very well. Why is the focus mostly on building shopping centers when what is badly needed is a place where young people can go to spend some time, complete with pool tables, dancing, etc., so they will have other things to do besides having drinking parties?

Perhaps the City Council members should tour various shopping centers in Modesto and see the countless vacant shops, many vacant for years.



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