Daniel Connell: McClintock’s ideas are fiscal lunacy

December 22, 2013 

As usual, Rep. Tom McClintock’s comments (“House GOP fell for bogus budget deal,” Dec. 18, Page A13) on government funding are distortions and falsehoods. For example, the Republican vote to delay Obamacare was an attempt to mask their true aim, which is to abolish the health care law but without replacing it with something better.

The new health care law almost guarantees healthy profits for the health care industry. Isn’t that what good Republicans want? The rest of his column is filled with gobbledygook, a futile attempt to display his “sound government” principles. In reality, McClintock is a tea party extremist, a member of the California Tea Party Caucus. This is the man who voted to shut the government down, an action that caused a huge economic blow to his own district (which includes Yosemite National Park), a man who is at war with the Forest Service and National Park Service. He recently introduced bill to salvage timber from the Rim fire, which would, in effect, turn Stanislaus National Forest into a commercial tree farm. The congressman says he stands for fiscal sanity; he stands for fiscal lunacy.



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