Christopher Aldana: You can have both farms and jobs

December 21, 2013 

Regarding “Choice: Farms or jobs” (Dec. 15, Page A1): The way I see it, it is quite possible to have both farms and jobs. It depends on where you put the jobs.

On Dec. 10, The Bee reported in “Air service to L.A. may land soon” (Page A1) and that the Modesto Airport was on track to hit 11,000 passengers this year. In addition, the threshold was 10,000 to receive the $1 million subsidy from the government. At 11,000 passengers a year, that is only a little more than 900 a month or 30 a day on average. Let those 30 people go to Stockton and use the 435 acres that encompasses the Modesto Airport for warehouses, manufacturing and commercial or retail space.

With that many acres available, we could even throw in some high-tech business parks to attract better paying jobs. And it would all be well positioned considering what’s around there. This seems to be a more viable option than expanding onto our sacred farmland.



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