Susan Robinson: A gift to stray cats

December 20, 2013 

All a stray kitty wants this season is to be spayed so that she doesn’t have any more kittens, or to be neutered so that he doesn’t wander or fight under the influence of his hormones. This is the best time of the year to get female kitties fixed because they are least likely to be pregnant. You can make this spay/neuter wish come true for a kitty in your area for only $20 to $30 by making the kitty an appointment at the Cat Network’s spay/neuter clinic. This relatively new organization is made up of people who have been dedicated to nonlethal population control for cats in Stanislaus County for 15 years. If you can’t find a kitty to bring in, you can donate so that others can give kitties this spay/neuter gift.

To make appointments, donations, or for more information call ( 209) 735-0604 or email And Meowy Catmas, Fleas Navidog, Hoppy Fowlidays, and a Flappy New Ear to all!



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