Sharon Silva: Denham a true leader

December 20, 2013 

The Turlock Chamber of Commerce compliments Rep. Jeff Denham for his forthright leadership on the issue of immigration reform. Rep. Denham is putting the interests of our area and our country above political agendas. He has demonstrated the willpower and the tenacity to stand up to partisan and special-interest objections as he works to enact significant and meaningful reform.

Denham’s position recognizes the realities of immigration in the United States. It provides for a difficult and lengthy pathway to citizenship that will remove the current uncertainty facing undocumented workers and their employers. It will give millions hope that they can become full participants in the American dream, and take a multibillion-dollar economy out of the shadows.

Not all agree with Denham’s approach. In fact, some are running special-interest attack ads against him. We want them, and the public to know, that we stand with Rep. Denham on this important and significant issue. The Turlock Chamber board of directors unanimously appreciates his thoughtfulness and toughness.


President/CEO, Turlock Chamber of Commerce


Hospital prices are unreal

Regarding “Even stitches cut deep” (Dec. 12, Page A1), concerning hospital-care prices: Shame on all of you for your greed against the people who need medical care. You have no other resource but to gouge your patients at any opportunity? Do you need a new wing at the hospital that much? Or are you feeding your egos by flaunting your medical degree and thinking you deserve to have as much money as you can get? Your motive for raising medical costs is nothing more than a way to fill your pockets. The price of your services shouldn’t be so ridiculously out of touch with reality.



Taking back Christmas

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