Buddy Davis: Recalling George Washington’s Christmas

December 19, 2013 

As you and your loved ones settle in to celebrate another Christmas, you may be unaware that on that blessed date 237 years ago, an ensemble of exceptionally tired, cold, hungry, partially clad soldiers were extolling our Lord’s birthday in a somewhat different manner. The assembled “soldiers” (one-third of whom were teenage farmboys) were about to cross the treacherous Delaware River in the middle of the night, in the midst of a howling storm. These beleaguered American patriots were the citizen-soldiers of Gen. George Washington’s Continental Army. Their adversaries consisted of professional soldiers from England, Scotland, Wales and Germany, as well as American loyalist militias (Tories).

From Dec. 25, 1776, to Jan. 3, 1777, our country’s first army would fight and win the three most important consecutive battles in the annals of America. Without those decisive military engagements, the entire American Revolution would most likely have been lost. The Feat of Arms at Trenton (twice) and Princeton, N.J., cannot be overemphasized.

You may wish to reflect upon this and then share the historic deeds with your children and grandchildren. I have no doubt the general would have warmly appreciated it.



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