Carl Blevins: Don’t let gun-grabbers win

December 19, 2013 

Well, we have the gun-grabbers trying to rewrite history once again. We are being told the new law that allows information to be kept about gun purchases will not be used to confiscate legally owned guns. This is wrong. It already has happened in California. Back in the late ’90s, people who legally owned AK-47s and SKS rifles were advised to register them with the state. They were told “Don’t worry; it is just for tracking purposes. We don’t want to take your guns.”

Well, what happened? As soon as the state felt it had as many on that list as were likely to comply (remember, criminals did not register their guns, they never do) a new directive came out saying “Turn them in. We know who has them and where you live, so if you do not comply, we will come and get them and put you in jail.”

So do not believe the big lie. It will happen again, just asit already has. This is what they think will keep them safe. It is a lie they tell themselves.



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