John Herlihy: Red flags abound for Stanislaus County DA candidate

December 17, 2013 

I read another article in the Dec. 13 paper (“Bail agent’s attorney leaves the case,” Page B3) regarding Frank Carson, who has announced he will run against District Attorney Birgit Fladager, saying he would not represent a client charged in an attempted shooting. In a previous story (“Bail slashed for bondsman,” Dec. 4, Page B1), Carson vowed he would continue to represent his client even though the judge had mentioned it would be a conflict of interest.

Now this seems to be of major concern to me, as a citizen of Stanislaus County, that a person who wishes to become the DA would originally disregard the judge’s advice only to eventually drop his client. Combine this article with the other recent article where he stated his office had been broken into (“DA candidate burglarized,” Nov. 21, Page B1) and made a veiled implication that it might be tied to the fact that he wishes to run for DA. Combine all of this and it throws up a red flag for me as a voter.



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