Dissolutions (12-16-13)

December 15, 2013 

AMERSON, Sarah and Larry

ARMSTRONG, Monique and OLIVER, Jason

BARNES, John and Erika

BINGHAM, Renee and DAVIS, Jason

BORGES, Maria and SANCHEZ, Oscar

BROWN, Theresa and Edward

CAMARILLO, Elizabeth and ELIZALDE, Jose

CHILDERS, Stacey and LEON, Samuel

COLEMAN, Olivia and Darryl

CRUTCHFIELD, Hilton and Cathleen

DAVENPORT, Jason and Cheryl

DELGADILLO, Angela and Arturo

DIAZ, Angelina and Cruz

DIETRICH, Cynthia and Daniel

DULANEY, Kristen and STEELEY, Russell

ERNEST, Sheila and ERNEST, Brett

FERLAUTO, Nicolo and Carrie

FERNANDEZ, Linda and Jose

FLEMMING, Sharon and Henry

GALVAN, Carlos and GREGORY, Tawnya

GARCIA, Edna and JIMENEZ, Alonso

GARCIA, Jose and Alberta

GARCIA, Lina and Abel

GILSON, Drew and Danielle

GONZALEZ, Hector and Jeanette


JEROME, Norma and Gary

JIMENEZ, Jacqueline and CALDERON, Luis

JOHNSON, Philip and Cynthia

KAKRIDAS, Metaxoula and SMALLEN, Tanner

KAUR, Jaspreet and CHEEMA, Manjinder

KING, Debra and Jerry

KUMAR, Amanda and Daryn

LEE, Donald and Deneice

LEONARD, Chantha and Michael

LOPEZ, Janann and Lawrence

LOPEZ, Phillip and Stephanie


MADDERN, Mariah and Richard

MIRANDA, Tina and Sergio

MORTON, Rusty and MYERS, Joyanna

OST, Cynthia and Anthony

PARKS, Stacey and Zachary

PEREZ, Anthony and Jaime

PINEDEO, Raul and SANDHU, Manjinder

PINNEGAR, Sara and John

POLLINGER, Cambria and Kevin

PUREWAL, Manmeet and BRAR, Manveer

RAMOS, Berenice and DUARTE, Octavio

RAMOS, Julie and Brandon

RANGEL, Lori and Gregory

RIVERA, Adrienne and Carlos

ROSS, Karla and Spencer

ROVERONI, Ana and REED, David

RUIZ, Rosa and JHA, Animesh

SAENZ, Ramona and Samuel

SCHWARTZ, Debra and Thomas

SHOCAROFF, Katherine and Daniel

SIGALA, David and Cindy

SILVA, Daniel and Rachelle

STOREY, Rachel and Florenz

STURTEVANT, Maris and Howard

TAYLOR, Julia and Derek

TAYLOR, Shelley and Philip

TORNQUIST, Kristine and Matthew

VAZQUEZ, Katie and Alberto

WADE, Maya and Edward

WAGONER, Christopher and Michelle

WILTZ, Floyd and TINTA, Luis

Source: Stanislaus County Court

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