Joanne Ramos: No charge to dine in at Modesto bakery

December 14, 2013 

On Dec. 5, a customer of ours wrote in a letter to the editor that “a bakery on McHenry” charged $1 to sit at a table. We absolutely are not charging $1 to dine in. This customer misread his receipt and never took the time to ask us what it meant. On a credit/debit card transaction, our register adds 25 cents for processing and any customer-authorized tip and totals the amount under “Service Charge”. In this case, a $1 tip was left and the receipt read “Service Charge $1.25.”

When I was asked by another businessperson in the village, as well as several customers, if we are charging $1 to dine in, I was compelled to respond to the letter. The public can be unaware of how damaging uninformed comments can be to a small business. All credit/debit card companies charge the merchant up to 48 cents to process payments; the 25-cent fee is designed to offset that cost without raising prices. My business has many small transactions and those fees can add up to over $4,000 per month. I know customers have a variety of choices and I am honored when they choose us.


Owner, Village Baking Company


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