Kay Zagaris: A failure to communicate

December 13, 2013 

I applaud the city for resurfacing my neighborhood streets that were in major disrepair. But who is responsible for sending out the electricians months later to tear up the streets for cables? Shouldn’t these departments have coordinated their services so the cable installation could have been done before the resurfacing?

Who is responsible for sending the street sweepers out before the city prunes its trees? These drivers skip half the homes on their routes because the city trees obstruct the trucks from sweeping the gutters.

And lastly, the vendors for the Dickens Faire were assured by the city that the street sweepers would be out to sweep 15th Street on Dec. 7 before the vendors set up their booths that morning. Street sweepers showed up after the vendors themselves cleaned the gutters and after the streets had been blocked off!

The mayor and the City Council need to have a serious discussion with our city manager and department heads to devise a plan for 2014 that addresses coordinating services, accountability, communication, organization and fiscal responsibility. Stop wasting taypayer money!

Now you understand why voters did not support the sales tax measure on the recent ballot.



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