Stocking Stuffers: Colorful, 'Classy Creatures' at Modesto Library's Little Shop

pguerra@modbee.comDecember 12, 2013 

Today’s Stocking Stuffer is a charming idea from the past. Anne Enright-Tinkle drew pictures of these creatures years ago and decided to turn them into greeting cards. Throughout the holiday season, we are offering suggestions of gifts for $20 or less, available at local merchants.

Name of the store: Classy Creature

Item: Greeting cards

Price: $2 per card; $6 for a box of six cards

Item description: Each card depicts a colorful picture of a creature on the front and is blank inside.

This is a perfect gift for: Young children, tween-and-up girls, schoolteachers for students, and anyone who needs to send a note

About the store: The cards are available online and at The Little Shop at the Stanislaus County Library.

Pertinent info:

Have some creative, low-cost gift ideas of your own? Share them by emailing Patty Guerra at

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