M.J. Spears: His dogs have something to bark about

December 11, 2013 

I’m amused that so many people responded to a barking dog complaint (Letters, Dec. 8), but have ignored the red-light ticket article or our electric costs being the second highest in the state! Maybe I missed something.

Nevertheless, I’m going to respond to everyone who is annoyed by a barking dog. I have two big dogs, on purpose. When I first moved here to Modesto, the boards were removed from my backyard fence so that the thieves could gain access to my property. I have had my car stolen, my car disabled in an attempt to steal it, my sawhorses stolen from the backyard, plants stolen, light bulbs stolen, a hose reel stolen – anything that was not nailed down has been stolen. So, until the Modesto police can provide me with more security, I will keep my barking dogs. If someone wants to come into my yard, they will have to face the dogs.

My dogs don’t bark all day or night long. They do bark when they hear stuff going on in the alley, so they act as a security alarm for me and all my neighbors. The dogs will bark less when the city is a safer place to live.

M.J. Spears


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