Gary Johnson: Insurance firms would do better than Obamacare

December 9, 2013 

What is happening to this once-great country? We had the best health care in the world, except for maybe Israel. Through lies, deceit and trickery we now have Obamacare. If we let all health insurance companies sell across state lines and put a stop to ridiculous lawsuits we could have great health care at a lower cost. Health care should stay in the hands of health care professionals, not socialized-leaning government nitwits. Our government has run the post office for more than 200 years and Amtrak for more than 50 years at a loss of billions of our tax dollars every year. The politicians that gave us Obamacare have exempted themselves and their staff from it. What does that tell you? My prayer is that only voters with common sense will return to the voting booth.



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