Steven Reader: Obama on a losing roll

December 5, 2013 

“Betting on the come” is a gambling expression for a bettor who does not have what he wants, but he bets that he will have what he wants when the time comes.

The president has rolled the dice expertly. He bet that Obamacare would be sustained by the Supreme Court and it was, despite the fact that the basis of approval was as a “tax,” a proposition that he and supporters denied. He gambled that the country’s economic problems would be overlooked if the perception existed that things were getting better. He was re-elected in spite of Benghazi, debt and unemployment.

Now he rolls the big one, saying we will love Obamacare when we have it. I hope he is right; I will lose my employer’s supplemental insurance next year. What I fear is that I will have to pay more for my governmental supplement. I fear I will lose my great Sutter Gould doctors I have had for 30 years. If this happens, the president will have rolled snake eyes and in my opinion will have crapped out.



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