Debbe Bailey: Not all districts cover retiree health care

December 5, 2013 

You have consistently demonstrated your “pension envy” in both your editorials and highly skewed editorials masquerading as news articles. Wednesday’s editorial (“Explore health exchange option for pre-65 retirees,” Dec. 4, Page A12) finally made me respond, since it includes a gross misrepresentation of “facts” that a little research on your part would have revealed.

Not all state and local governments, school districts and public universities provide health care for their retirees. Some have negotiated such coverage in lieu of salary, but it is not by any stretch universal or typical. As a Modesto City Schools retiree, I pay the premiums for my medical coverage except for a small contribution the district is required to make for retirees. I also paid for most of the insurance premiums while I was working. My husband would not receive free health coverage from his community college employer should he retire pre-Medicare, either.

It’s high time The Bee returns to real journalism and truly investigates – and reports – all facts instead of just those that conveniently fit your opinion.



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