Jim Bonetti: Beware of extra charges for tables

December 4, 2013 

We went shoe shopping over by McHenry Avenue the other day. Afterward, my wife sprung for lattes and pastry at a local bakery. She paid with a credit card and even tipped the girl for counter service. We sat down to relax and enjoy for a few minutes.

On Monday she notices that the bakery charged her 25 cents for using her credit card and $1 for “table use.” Mimi’s, Elephant Bar and Velvet Creamery don’t charge for these things!

I think these charges are chintzy. The place was packed, so they didn’t need the money. Their lattes weren’t any better than Starbucks’ and they don’t charge to sit down. They even provide Wi-Fi, free. We gladly pay for good food, but we’ll choose Mimi’s next time.



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