Rita F. Silva: Changing rules will haunt Democrats

December 3, 2013 

The Founding Fathers were very wise men who created the filibuster for a very good reason – it restricted the power of the controlling party. When President Bush suggested doing away with it, senators Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Joe Biden all declared loudly that it should not be allowed. They called it an abuse of power that would strip the minority party of its only weapon.

How times have changed. Now it gives those terrible Republicans the power to hold up Obama’s appointments and must therefore be done away with. So, they have gotten rid of the filibuster and the Democrats have complete power over the Senate and White House. I assume that they believe that they will be in power forever and this will not come back to haunt them, but sooner or later the Republicans will be back in power, and what will the Democrats say when they have no power? I can already hear the screaming.

Be careful what you wish for, because you may just get it. I guess you can see why I am a conservative – I cannot understand the liberal way of thinking.


Los Banos

Editor’s note: From 1789 to 1806, Senate debates could be ended on a simple vote. Vice President Aaron Burr proposed a rule change to set up potential for filibusters in 1806. No filibuster occurred until 1837, according to Sarah Binder in “The History of the Filibuster,” an article for the Brookings Institution.

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