Judy Crisp: Obey traffic rules in Modesto and live

December 2, 2013 

I drive in from east Modesto through Empire. People often just walk in front of your vehicle, not walking in the crosswalks. When you get to Yosemite Boulevard, wow! The homeless people just walk across the street wherever they want; no crosswalks or signals.

At night I have seen people on bikes in black clothes and no lights. And you wonder why there are so many people getting hit. I was headed into Modesto on Yosemite the other day and had to stop for a homeless person walking across the street; the crosswalk was 10 feet away. I stopped, but the vehicle behind me went around me. Fortunately, the person crossing the street was already to the curb. The person behind me did not know there was a person walking across the street. There would be fewer fatalities if more people abided by the traffic rules.



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