Bill Stillwell: Incessant barking in Modesto's Village I is a real headache

December 2, 2013 

I live in Village I on what was once a quiet block of only three homes, mine being in the middle. Residents who own a total of 15 dogs surround me on all sides.

All of these dogs are barkers, barking almost all day long. I can’t even keep my back door open for ventilation. My friends tell me they won’t be able to visit unless something can be done about the noise.

I contacted Animal Control and learned that residents are legally allowed to keep only two dogs. I asked about the barking problem and was told that they could only send out notices informing my neighbors that their animals were creating a nuisance. But further action would require my neighbors to file complaints about the dogs.

My neighbors own the dogs! I don’t expect they will be filing any complaints.

Further, I was told that I should get my neighbors to keep a log of when the dogs are barking. This whole process makes no sense. I don’t want to be a bad neighbor, but I think I am entitled to some peace and quiet in my own home. Any suggestions?



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