Dissolutions (12-02-13)

December 1, 2013 


ALI, Nyma and Abdullah

ALLEN, Melissa and SPAIN, Lucas

ARANDA, Rosalva and Juan

ARMASHUERTA, Nolberto and ARMAS, Billiejo

ARREDONDO, Ana and Pedro

AVILA, Bertha and Francisco

BALDRIDGE, Felicia and Shane

BARRAGAN, Maro and Yessenia

BATTLES, David and Rebecca

BELL, Jennifer and CAMPBELL, Paul

BENNETT, Candice and GRANADOS, Isaac

BONANDER, Emily and Andrew

BROWN, Tony and Brenda

BYRUM, Ryan and Bianca

CABRAL, Aprril and Art

CARDOZA, Tiffany and Lane

CARON, Theresa and Mark

CARR, Karen and Jeffrey

CASTILLO, Elizabeth and Benjamin

CHIESA, Jill and Vito

COLE, Dusty and Elizabeth

COLLUM, Debi and Alan

COSSETTA, Joan and COX, Jc

DART, Angie and Charles

FIELDS, Robin and Rodney

FIMBREZ, Juanita and Steven

FOREST, Joann and COTTEN, Bill

FRANCISCO, Jocelyn and Dennis

GARCIA, Erica and JUAREZ, Felix

GARCIA, Maria and Claudio

GARCIA, Norma and Alejandro

GEORGE, Gilbert and Renee

GOMEZ, Ernesto and Rosalia

GONZALES, Amy and Patrick


GONZALEZ, Graciela and ALCARAZ, Juan

GONZALEZ, Guadalupe and Raudel

GONZALEZ, Sandra and Mario

GRAYS, Raichelle and Michael

GREER, Christine and Jason

GUERRA, Yudelka and Richard

HAMILTON, Brenda and Bill

HANN, Elizabeth and LARA, Edggar

HERNANDEZ, Karla and Jorge


HERRERA, Sonia and Jesus

HESS, Shannon and PALMER, Holly

HOHL, Lori and John

HOLCOMB, Dana and William

HOOD, Michael and Denise

HUERECA, Michelle and Jorge

HUERTA, Tanya and Robert

HUIZAR, Cynthia and MARTINEZ, Omar

JAVIUS, Paula and Josh

JONES, Ranina and Anthony

JONES, Stoney and Deanne

KOVACH, Lynda and Michael

LAMENDOLA, Misty and Matthew

LANGPAAP, Sarah and James

LARA, Norma and LUNA, Mario

LAUGEN, Gary and Amber

LAWRENCE, Gail and Edwin

LEMUS, Arturo and FIGUEROA, Anna

LINDSTROM, Gloria and ALLEN, David

LOGUE, Jamie and James

LOPEZ, Maria and Dale

LOPEZ, Sharon and Raymond

MACHADO, Maria and RODRIGUEZ, Ileverto

MACIEL, April and Christopher

MAGANA, Concepcion and Salvador

MARTIN, Kevin and Michelle

MASELLIS, John and LOPEZ, Sara

McLAUGHLIN, Lisa and TRENT, Michael

MEARS, Heidy and BALL, Douglas

MENDIVIL, Brianna and MARES, Alex

MENDOZA, Ana and Salvador

MENDOZA, Andrea and Cesar

MIRANDA, Juanita and Ignacio

MODICA, Melissa and BARAJAS, Pedro

MONDRAGON, Eleanor and Ruben

MONTALBO, Monica and Mario

MONTERO, Efer and ZHANG, Shuzhen

MONTESINOS, Elvira and Oscar

MORAD, Kelli and James

NUNEZ, Theresa and Domingo

PALOMA, Mathew and Amber

PETTIT, Rosemarie and Roy

PHAM, Lien and NGUYEN, Danny

PINTO, Leia and Jose

POOLE, Daphne and William

POUV, Ra and SROEUN, Srom

RAMIREZ, Alfredo and Patricia

REYES, Joyce and Francisco

RICHARDS, Gary and Misty

RIVERA, Maria and BARAJAS, Miguel


RODRIGUEZ, Maribel and Jorge

RODRIGUEZ, William and Marianne

RUPERTO, Michael and Jennifer


SALINAS, Natalie and Steven

SANDOVAL ANGELES, Maria and FOSS, Jonathan

SOLIS, Mariana and Reynaldo

SOTO, Carlos and LOPEZ, Claudia

STAAL, Cydni and Arnold

TEFERTILLER, Matthew and Melissa

TERRY, Paul and Misty

TORRES, Angelica and HENRIQUEZ, Luis

TYNES, Pharoah and HERNANDEZ, Janetta

TYSON, Walter and Carolyn

WAGNER, Lauren and ZURILGEN, Daniel

WARNOCK, Wendy and Timothy

WETMORE VINK, Melissa and VINK, Peter

ZEPEDA, Brigida and MENA, Johnny

ZIELKE, Marta and Raul

Source: Stanislaus County Court

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