Don't forget neighbors when you're shopping

November 29, 2013 


Dressed as Santa, Devin Miller waves a sign to announce Black Friday deals at Extreme Paintball on Sisk Road in Modesto on Friday.


With the aroma of turkey and pumpkin pie lingering in our homes, it’s not too late to count up the many things we’re thankful for this year. And one of the many things on our list is that there still are 24 shopping days left before Christmas.

Thousands if not millions of people have turned Black Friday into a two- or even three-day celebration of retail bingeing, lining up in front of the big-box retailers to get the best bargains and even a few prizes for being the first through the doors.

Today, however, is the day to visit those smaller businesses; the locally owned stores and businesses that have fewer employees and, for the most part, gave them the entire day off Thursday to spend with family. They’re all open today, hoping to see you and your wallets cross their thresholds. Don’t forget, the small stores are owned by members of our community. They’re the same folks whose kids play soccer with our kids, who we see at church on Sundays and who might ask to borrow your blower when the leaves start falling.

Even the White House is urging shoppers not to forget their neighbors during Small Business Saturday. And there’s a good reason. Shopping locally helps our area’s economy by keeping sales tax in our community and helping to maintain the unique nature of our communities.

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