Craig Cox: Step 1: Sign them up for Obamacare

November 28, 2013 

Obamacare was never designed to help the masses, just control them! In truth, it’s redistribution of wealth on a massive scale. Just lie to them, promise them anything. “You like your health plan, you can keep it – period.” Sure you can!

Health care will control a sixth of the U.S. economy. You don’t need to think for yourself, Big Brother will do it for you! Yes, the sheep will follow Big Brother without question. Just drink the Kool-Aid and get in line, comrades!

The Democrats and the government machine believe you are too stupid to make normal, everyday decisions, so big government must make them for you. Controlling every aspect of your life is their final goal! From what you can eat, to how big your soda can be, to what health care plan you can have, to how long you can live before you’re declared nonproductive and they kill you!



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