James Davis: Find a water shortage solution that helps all in the Central Valley

November 27, 2013 

Regarding the water shortage: I have no problem with growth and prosperity, but in many cases the overuse of water mostly benefits those whose crops keep setting sales records. Good for them, but what about the rest of us?

To prioritize – we must first have water to drink to survive and prepare the meals we eat – and it is nice to be able to shower and wash clothes.

Water tables are dropping. Now the very ground itself is sinking due to over-pumping, just as in Florida – and yet there are people buying permits to drill even more industrial-sized wells as fast as they can. They over-pumped like this in central Florida a while back to save the strawberry crops from freezing. It saved most of the berries, but local folks’ wells ran dry and they had to shell out thousands to drill deeper.

We all need to take a much broader, long-term look before we all run dry. And it needs to be a solution that benefits ALL of the people of the Central Valley, not just a few.



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