Dwight Horning: Give healthcare a chance

November 24, 2013 

It is really funny (read "ridiculous") that many people are already pronouncing Obamacare a failure. Most of it hasn’t gone into effect yet, but technical problems with the Federal website and the loss of substandard plans by those who haven’t been sick enough to realize how substandard has prompted many to pass such judgment.

Originally a Republican plan, it has worked for years in Massachusetts, and yet Romney and others say it is unworkable for the rest of us. And to call it too costly is even more laughable. Our healthcare system has been a mess for many years; in absolute terms and per capita we pay far more for our healthcare than any other nation, but by virtually every public health measure our health outcomes are significantly poorer than most of the Western world. The upfront costs of our incredibly expensive system are augmented by the huge backdoor costs of late, inadequate care for many.



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