Jim E. Smallwood: Taxes are up, should go to public safety

November 24, 2013 

Many reasons have been given for the failure of Measure X. I did not vote for it because these temporary taxes always seem to become permanent taxes. I give the library tax as an example, this tax was supposed to be for four years; we were told it was just to get us through a period of revenue shortfall. But every time the tax was to lapse we were told that if we did not renew it we would lose our libraries or have less service or hours of use.

The City Council has told us that if Measure X failed we would have less police and fire protection. If these services are high on their priority list, I think the increases in property values will add enough funding to cover part of these services. My property tax went up $94 this year, and if everyone’s taxes went up this amount it should cover the need for more police and fire protection. That is if the City Council will put our tax money where their mouth is.

I will be looking at where the City Council spends this increase in tax money.



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