Susie Barnes: Yes, Kaepernick is that great

November 24, 2013 

Regarding “Kaepernick isn’t so great” (Letters, Nov. 19), the writer made the statement that he didn’t think Colin Kaepernick is so great.

Did he, by any chance, listen to what Terry Bradshaw and others had to say about Kaepernick before Sunday’s game? They mentioned that Kaepernick is going to be a great quarterback and is doing a great job. Yes, (former 49ers quarterback) Alex Smith is doing a great job for his team, but remember, he was the one who decided to leave the team. We don’t need to compare one against the other.

Also remember it is the coach who makes all the calls from the sideline; the quarterback only does what he is told, unless he sees that he can make a better play on the field.

We win some games and we lose some games, but you might want to check your wins and losses. No one is perfect. Go Niners.



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