Richard D. Christian: Atheists have morals, too

November 24, 2013 

Regarding “The problem with atheism” (Letters, Nov. 13), the writer identifies the fundamental problem of athetists as their inability to use science to prove God does not exist. The atheist could, on the other hand, define theism’s fundamental problem as the inability to prove that God exists.

To claim that only theism provides a basis for a moral imperative is nonsense. Morality deals with the capability of distinguishing right from wrong, a process that begins with good parenting and continues throughout one’s life. There is no basis to claim that atheists cannot honor established moral standards – standards established not by a God, but by enlightened civilized society.

The biblical God declared slavery acceptable while enlightened societies find it immoral. Compare the writer’s statement – “By forming a ‘church’ to proclaim their belief they have ironically played the same hand as those Christians they hope to discredit” – with a statement from the news article he supposedly read: “They don’t bash believers but want to find a new way to meet like-minded people, and engage in the community and make their presence more visible.”



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