Lisa Austin: Bee insults Obamacare foes

November 24, 2013 

I am a Republican and I am not gloating about the Affordable Care Act. Your editorial view on Nov. 21 is, to say the least, insulting.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to even hint at the political leanings of your board members when the opening sentence is: “Republicans have been gloating since President Barack Obama botched the rollout ... ”

You go on to encourage readers to “ignore the likes of state Sen. Jim Nielsen” because he said the ACA was the “greatest domestic failure in the history of America” with the word “Really?” tacked onto the end. Your sarcasm colors your argument in a way that doesn’t elicit sympathy, but antagonism, which seems unprofessional for an editorial newspaper board.

So far, Covered California has signed up roughly about 59,000 people from the Internet. You report that 900,000 received cancellation notices. Help me understand your reasoning with math like that, because that’s pretty appalling. Just because I do not agree with the ACA and the way it has been handled does not mean I am gloating. This horrible mess grieves me. Quit using your bully pulpit to be insulting!



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