Denise Cannistraci: It really felt like Camelot

November 23, 2013 

This is such an emotional time for my family. My sisters and I were 15, 16, and 17 years old. To have a sense we were a part of a magical time – I am not exaggerating, we all felt it. Our president made us laugh, he didn’t need teleprompters at a news conference. Grace, intellect, compassion for the those who needed a change, we felt during his presidency that the country was moving forward and we were proud.

It has been said so many times by those better-versed, but his death left a pallor that I don’t believe has ever healed. I have heard that Kennedy was the last president who really believed he was president, with the powers granted by the people. It seems like each president has faded a bit each time a new one is elected.

Dear Lord, what could have been? I don’t care how much he might be minimized today, I was there, I remember the beauty of those days.



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